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Are you working, studying or need casual care for your kids? SMOOSH can Help!

We offer:
- A fun and safe environment;
- Qualified, caring staff;
- Casual & full time places;
- Great activities;
- Healthy Snacks;
- Reasonable rates.

Morning session
7am to 9am
Afternoon session
3pm to 6pm
Vacation Care
7am to 6pm

Call Lynda on 0451 114 611


SMOOSH now offers Tennis lessons Wednesdays.

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SMOOSH fees are set at a reasonable rate to cover the running cost of the service. The Management Committee reviews fees annually.

Child Care Assistance (as Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate) is available through the Family Assistance Office. You can call FAO for more information about your family assistance on 13 61 50 between 8am and 8pm (local time) Monday to Friday.

All families are entitled to apply for child assistance; eligibility is determined by your assessed family income.

Family Assistance

On receipt of the FAO assessment notice, the service will calculate the family fee payable and parents will be notified. If an assessment notice is not obtained then full fees will be charged.

Parents need to apply promptly, so fee levels can be set on commencing at the service.

Families who wish to change their payment choice during the year, from paying full fees to reduced fees may do so by contacting the Family Assistance Office.

This will however incur an extra charge (per term) for staff to recover information regarding attendance that is to be backdated.

Parents receiving the Child Care Benefit are responsible for informing this service on commencement about their Children's use of Allowable Absences at other services - this includes Vacation Care.


Two weeks bond (in advance) is required before or on commencement at the service. This fee is held in lieu of two weeks notice and credited as payment for care when two weeks notice is given.

Payment of fees

Families enrolling as Permanent Full Time or Permanent Part Time will be charged for the days for which they are enrolled, regardless of whether they attend or not. This also includes Public Holidays and Pupil Free Days. Fees not paid within the two-week invoicing period are subject to a late payment fine of $20.00 per week as per our Fees Policy. Please speak to the Coordinator if you are experiencing difficulty.

Casual Care

Casual Enrolment requires payment on the day of attendance. When more than one day is booked payment is required on final day (or at the end of week). Payments made in advance are non-refundable if service is not notified of cancellation prior to day of attendance.

Non-Notification Fee

This service charges a Non-Notification fee. This means that parents/carers need to notify this service if their child/children are going to be absent on the day of booked care. This allows for effective Staff management, as Staff are rostered to maintain the required staff/child ratios.

Late Fee

All parents/carers are required to collect their child/ren at the times stated on the enrolment agreement; Staff are rostered to maintain the required staff/ child ratios.

A late fee will be charged to parents who collect their children after 6pm regardless of circumstances.

The Management Committee determines late fees; currently the charges are $1.50 per minute for the first 15 minutes and $2.00 per minute after that. There will also be a $10 fee charged to the account for failure to contact the service of late arrival to collect.

If you are unable to collect your child at the specified time it is your responsibility to make alternative arrangements.

Membership Fee

SMOOSH is a Not for Profit Incorporated Association and as such must charge an annual fee of $2.00 to all families using the service. All families are charged this annual fee usually in March / April after the previous years AGM. The fee allows all parents to attend committee meetings, raise matters of concern and gives parents voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.


Fee accounts are invoiced fortnightly and payment is required by the date stated on the invoice (next to Amount Due).

Payment of fees can be by cheque or cash. Parents/Carers are asked to verify their payment with a staff member and sign the payment sheet before placing money in the Fees box.

Fees are receipted on Thursdays; receipts are placed in family communication pockets for collection.

It is the responsibility of the enrolling parent/carer to ensure fees are kept up to date and paid before the next invoicing period.

When fees are not paid within the invoiced period, parents will receive a reminder and a date payable.

Parents/Carers who receive a third letter requesting final payment, will have their child's place at the service cancelled if the payment is not paid by the date specified.

Parents having difficulty paying fees should inform the coordinator as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of making alternative arrangements.

The Management Committee has the right to terminate a child's place at the service for fees that are outstanding past Four (4) weeks. Outstanding accounts are subject to a late fee of $20 per week when there are no payments made for more than 4 weeks. Please refer to our fees policy and the policy for cessation of care.

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